All the projects of Lotti Latrous are financed exclusively through donations. Each tiny donation helps.


For Donations from Switzerland:

UBS AG, Switzerland
"Stiftung Lotti Latrous"
Account Nr. 0240-428 654. 00E

Post Check Account of the Bank. 80-2-2
Clearing Nr: 0240

(IBAN: CH44 0024 0240 4286 5400 E

Important change !

Our account at Commerzbank AG will be closed as of August 31, 2016.
For donations in Euro please refer to the account with UBS on the right hand side.



Donations in EURO:

Stiftung Lotti Latrous
Konto Nr. 0240-428654.62H

IBAN: CH82 0024 0240 4286 5462 H



Important Notice:

The Board of Trustees likes to inform you that in view of the present political situation in the Ivory Coast all the donations go to a Swiss Bank Account with the Union Bank of Switzerland preventing the possible danger of the money being confiscated by the state of Ivory Coast.

Irrespective of whatever happens in the Ivory Coast the money donated by you will be used only for the purpose of the endowment. As per the aim of the Foundation, Lotti Latours can transfer her activity also to another African country.

The aim has been laid down as follows in the bylaws:
"The money of the Foundation will be used for Aids projects in any country of Black Africa."

With any remittance to the foundation’s account you can be sure that your donation will be used only for poorest of the poor and not a single penny will be used for any doubtful administration cost or for any political purpose.

Salaries are paid only to those who have no other source of income. It is quite understandable that no white person receives any salary.

The account for donations is managed from Switzerland.