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Dear Sponsors

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the wonderful spring, just like I did. This year at that time I was in
Geneva for a short while and was allowed to experience the waking-up of the nature. It feels my
heart with joy to experience the life here but time to time I am also sad. Why not all the people in the
world can have such happiness, why not everyone can enjoy such beauties, why millions of people
are not able to be so happy at least for one day, as we are in the West for whole of our lives? Why
have we clean water from taps, enough to eat, shoes in the right sizes, clothes for every weather
condition, schools for our children, readily available medical care and peace - why millions and
millions don’t have these? Dear Sponsors, all these make me very sad and I am endlessly thankful to
you for your support, with which we can help thousands, so that at least they receive the minimum
to live a life with dignity.

As already mentioned during the Mother Day I was in Geneva and received a Greeting from Grand-
Bassam; it came from a HIV infected mother, who receives help from us and impresses me
enormously with her energy. She wrote me (better said that she got it written, as she is also
unalphabate, as many others here), that in the name of all the mothers she thanks us that she is still
alive and she loves us dearly. I happily share this ‘Thanks You’ greetings with all of you.

Mme Beugre Web         Brief fête de mamans Web
Madame Beugrré and her ‘Thank You’ Card - a balsam for my heart.

DAVILA - a destiny - like many

Davila, a small creature of six years, was brought to us. She could hardly stand. The ordeal of her
miserable conditions was so terrible to look at that people looked away from her. But we didn’t look
away; that was middle of February this year.

The little one was abandoned by her mother when she was one year old. Why? We don’t know and
we also don’t want to know and we are not also interested to know, as we are not here to criticise or
to judge. Whatever the reason may be, Davila was brought to her grandmother in her village, when
she was just twelve months old. She looked after her for four years poorly rather than well - as good
as possible considering her age and poverty. Then Davila got very ill, when she was five years old and
her father, who worked in Abidjan as a daily worker was informed. He gathered all his mere savings
together, walked by the difficult way to the village and fetched his daughter and brought her to - not
to us, as at that time he didn’t know about us - but to an African “healer”, who promised that he can
cure Davila, but made the condition that the father has to leave the daughter with him for eight
months and will not be allowed to visit her during this time; he explained that the isolation from her
family is part of the healing process.

Yes, then she did come to us as in the meantime the father has heard about us - for which I am
thankful to God. Davila was a bundle of misery; looking at her brought tears in our eyes. She was
checked, all shorts of tests were made and everything was controlled. These unbelievable
diagnoses? Serious chronicle malnutrition and heavy mistreatment by the “healer” - which were
eminent from her whole body. Long, for very long we thought that she will not survive. The father,
who came to visit her wept bitterly as he saw her, went to the police and put a case against the
so-called healer - luckily now he sits in the prison. We struggled for the life of this little innocent girl;
we knew that a wonder has to happen to keep her alive. Many times she felt in deep coma, had
elliptical attack; her stomach was full of water, she had an apoplectic stroke, which paralysed her left
side; she couldn’t see any more and lost her speech. On top she had an infected wound in the neck. I
can’t tell you how that looked like and how it was “treated” by the” healer”.


Davila 1 Web

Davila, as she came to us

We didn’t leave any stone unturned to save her life. Cardiologist, Neurologist, Nephrologist, Tests for
Tuberculosis, infantile Paralysis, MRI and many others. We took her to the best specialists in the city;
she even got blood transfusion as almost no haemoglobin value could be detected in her blood. The
good thing was that all the tests were negative. Then the day came, the day when we have to inform
her father that the end is nearing and we have toleave her to God’s mercy. He looked at me silently
for a long time and said, “ But, Madame Lotti, wonder can happen; please tell me that it does?” I held
his hand and said, “Yes Papa, such things do happen, but I doubt that we ought to believe in such

He had a different opinion: “ I believe in such a thing; it can’t be that such a small, innocent child,
who had to suffer so much has to die just like that. It can’t be so. You have surely not put so much
effort, so that Davila die now?” What shall I answer to that? - That rarely have I experienced such a
wonder, but I do trust in the Justice of God? That for Davila it is more humane to die than to suffer
further. What can someone tell a father, who feels responsible for the fate of his kid. At the end I
said “ Papa, let HIM decide. You saw that we have done everything humanly possible; who knows,
maybe God really let some Wonder happen”. And - really a wonder did happen.
In the meantime Davila is feeling better, much better. She talks and how she speaks. She eats as
though she has never eaten in her life before, she laughs, she rejoices, she brings us to tears being
simply so contended. We engaged a Kinesiologist for her, who visits us three times a week, hoping
that with the time even her paralysis will cure. Everyone loves the young Davila - the other kids, the
personal; she is being spoiled by every trick in the book; everyday she is brought to the garden in her
wheelchair to play and to sing. Slowly but surely man is forgetting how it was, forgetting what
injustice were done to her. Naturally some scars will remain, deep scars, not only physical ones but
also the mental ones. Once again I experienced what can be achieved through Faith, Love, Patience,
Hope and Support.

Davila la Star Web              Davila et Marie Odile Web
Everyone loves little Davila.                                                                With Marie Odile ... 

Davila und Kinesiotherapeutin Web       Davila und Dr NDa Web

The kinesiologist helps her to take the first steps -                                 ... and with the head physician Dr. N’Da

Davila’s father made me to realise that Miracle can happen and we should never give up Hope. So I
don’t give up Hope that our world will improve, all human beings will be able to live happily and
being satisfied. Davila’s story is one of the tragedy from millions; they will not suffer so much if there
are many who don’t look away rather than look at them. You are the ones who are aware of this
tragedy and don’t look away. You belong to the group of people, thanks to whom we are allowed to
help. Thanks to you we are able to tell about such Miracle and we are glad to know that the
Righteousness does exist. God bless you!

Thankfully yours
Lotti Latrous