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Greetings from Davila
I sincerely hope that everything is going well with you. I myself am very happy being able to write to you once again and to provide you some good news. Davila, who was brought to us almost six months ago being fatally ill and about whom I wrote in the last quarterly NewsLetter, is feeling better - which is a miracle. She is happy as she can now spend days and nights  with the other kids.. She has her small bed with those of the older kids and if everything goes well we can start her schooling soon.


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Davila is in the extreme left of the bottom row eating spaghetti                                   Our little ones

Holiday  Camp July 2018
Since four years we are organising our own holiday camp for our kids. We also invite ten kids, who are from very poor conditions, so that they are able to enjoy some unforgettable time at our place with us. Fourteen days full of Happiness, Dance, Theater, Singing, Handicraft Work, Sport and plenty of good Food! They also have AIDS and are being treated at us for a long duration - thanks to your support can go to school; but their life in the slums are tough. Once I asked myself if it is sinful to invite the kids from the slums to show the life of our kids and then sent them back to their misery. And my answer was : YES!

A definite yes; as they have something, which our kids don’t have - they have their mothers. That is more worthy to have than all the gold in the world. Even though they are poor, they are their own mothers, who, although are infected with HIV-virus are healthy, thanks to the medicines they get from us and can look after their children. So these children can get some experience, which will be remembered by them throughout their lives. These are the wonderful moments of Happiness and Laughters, which puts away their unfortunate fates in the background.

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A project very near to my heart (one of many)
Now I like to show you the wonderful place, which is our house since last two years. Our new place would have also been in a slum but that was not possible, as many slums were pulled down and in others there was  no open space. As I saw the land in Grand-Bassam, at first I realised that it is a difficult land to build on; it was almost like a swamp and secondly there is a slum behind it - a very very poor village named “Odoss”, having thousands of residents, who live in dire poverty. We would have liked to help them immediately, but first we had to establish ourselves and see that all our patients, who came to us from far away places, can be treated further. We made people in Odoss aware of us and informed them that they can come to us in the Center in case they have health problem and we will help them. This news spread rapidly.

Now that we are established here and we have settled down, a few weeks ago Aziz and myself went to the elder of the village and introduced ourselves properly. We were welcomed heartily. We enquired specifically about the well-being of the villagers and were told that there are many old people living alone, who will have nothing to eat, in case the neighbours didn’t help them. These neighbours, very poor themselves have to save at every corner, so that the wage from the daily labour - in case they find any work - is enough to feed their own family. But it looks as though the sense of community feelings in Odoss is high enough, so that people help each other whenever possible. 

We were also told that there are many widows in the village. Older people as well as young ones with small kids have to go to bed being hungry. There are a lot of people, who are ill but has no money at all to go to doctors. We asked the village elders if they will accept, if we organise a project for Odoss.

Already on our way back Aziz and I worked out a plan and then sat down with our Social workers to discuss. Presently we are engaged in the planning. First of all a Social worker, who is doing an internship  at our center will be allocated with the task of visiting the whole area for 3 months to find out people, who need our help most and urgently.

When he reports to us in the evenings at the end of his daily survey, we will send our Social worker and Nurses to individuals, who can’t wait still we have build up an ideal project we aim for. This will also include distribution of food once a month. I shall be able to provide more details later.

Then I hope to report also about the 75 years-old man, who lives in this village and have an amputated leg, with a wound at the stumpf, which is not healing. He sleeps on a straw mat on the floor of his overheated hut. As he had no money - for the amputation of the leg, he had to beg people for money- the local hospital will not treat him any more. Only few days ago we came to know him and are presently engaged to convince him and his wife that we can help him if they decide that he will come to us.

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We explained to them that he will provide him medical care, dress the wound daily and will find the right medicines for him. We explained also that at our center he will not only get his food every day, but we will buy them a mattress and bed covers, so that on his return home he does not have to sleep on the floor and our nurse will visit him regularly to enquire how is feeling and for all these he does not have to pay anything.

So we are again engaged in slums, as we were at Adjouffou. That makes me extremely happy. I love these visits to their houses. Although they are extremely poor these people radiate gratitude. They are very friendly and extremely generous. All the time we are offered tea, provided with the best stool and that not because I am white or I am the founder of the Center, but  because it is in their culture and tradition to respect the visitors and welcome them even with the only available stool or a glass of water.

I love these people from deep of my heart, as they have a basic trust, which seems to be endless; they accept their lives  as it is without complaining and are thankful even for simple help. For us they are important and this we show them,which is almost difficult for them to understand.

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Happy to have a village; Happy to be able to help people in need.

I am extremely thankful to you for providing us this opportunity to help others. Thanks for your support and trust. Thanks to your charity thousands of people have better lives. God guides you- I wish you all the best.

Lotti Latrous