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Dear Sponsors

We, the members of the Lotti Latrous Foundation, our personals, our children, our patients in Grand-Bassam wish you all a happy and blessed New Year.

For us the New Year started off with a gift – as we made it- we have shifted to our new small village – our new domicile, where 25 children, 18 patients find care and protection. Now we also have two chickens, a cock and a cat. Above all there are happy noises of the children from the large garden, where old mango, banana and avocado trees grow. At Adjouffou we were awaken from the noises of the old taxis trying to start up and the aircrafts of the nearby airport blessed us with their kerosene, which polluted and clogged our lungs. Here in Grand-Bassam we have a wonderful weavers-pair, who wake us up before 6 o’clock with their wonderful chirping. We even have two free living parrots, who have built their nest here. We have clean air. The youngsters told me:

“Madame Lotti, this feeling here must be a pre-taste of the heaven…“

At last our patients don’t have to put up with flies, mosquitoes or other insects making their nights unbearable. No one has to sweat any more as we have installed air-conditioners. We are very happy here!

Dany et Rudolph Bebes 3

The shifting required a huge effort. We shifted simultaneously three institutions, which came into existence during the last 18 years: the orphanage, the hospital and the ambulatory. As though a mountain range of 8000 meter stood in front of us – it was almost an inhuman challenge.

But we took the challenge and we succeeded; thanks for the help of our staff, who actively helped – also those, who were in holidays came forward to help. Thanks to Aziz and thanks to friends and many hands and shoulders we made it. Even though we have to transport our tetraplegic patient Sylvie in our small van, we found solutions to each problem. We were not allowed to use our ambulance, which was donated to us 10 years ago by the French embassy. Due to state-regulation we were not allowed to use the ambulance for transport of the patients; newly a special permission is needed to qualify it as an ambulance. To get this permission we would have required 6 months of paper war meaning 6 months of bureaucracy. So we have to transport Sylvie in our van lying on a stretcher with mattress and our trusted staff accompanied her.

Transport Sylvie 2     Sylvie mit Tochter Carolle 16 J 2

It can also be done this way...                                                                                  Sylvie's daughter Carolle came to see her mom during her holidays as usual.


So you see, we don‘t let us be discouraged by this bureaucracy, which we face constantly. We always find solutions and we are happy to do it. We will carry on doing the same at Grand-Bassam as we were doing at Adjouffou: Save lives, help our neighbours and all that voluntarily and with great joy, happiness and love.

After our first three weeks, there are still a lot of do and at the same time we have to get used to this new place. The ambulatory has already been opened and we have more and more patients every day, who come to get treatment. We also took patients in the hospital, among whom there were three dying children with high blood deficiency and malaria, whom we could save.

For our children we found a private school not very far from our new home. In Grand-Bassam everything is available for our daily needs such as food and medicines. People gave us a friendly welcome. Our new home is surrounded by slums. As there is no such Institution here as that of ours, we came exactly in the right place to carry on helping, as we were doing at Adjouffou. The mothers, the children and our patients, whom we were helping for years, find their way to us. Everything is in order, we didn’t leave out anyone.

Centre Bassam 2 Ambassade 2     Garten Bassam Karrusell 2

Thanks to all of you, after 18 years we are allowed to have a nice new home and carry on doing what we love most to do - help.


Together with the staff we decided that this year we will NOT make any Christmas presents, as our new home is the biggest present we could have wished for. We collected money to purchase soap, sardines, detergents, peanut oil, rice etc. and made 300 small gift packets, which we distributed among the inhabitants of the slums behind our new home as Christmas gifts. The joy on both sides was enormous.

As we have enough space here, we decided to build a small chapel and one small mosque, so that our patients, personal and also our children have a quiet and safe place to pray at any time of the day and night. On Christmas we made a fire in front of this blessed place surrounded by dozens of candles and our festivities started. We sang, told stories, prayed and thanked. It was wonderful. We fetched Sylvie in her stretcher, so that she could also be with us. As usual her 16 years old daughter was also with us, as she always comes to us during holidays. Our Christmas was enjoyable, cheerful, blessed - you can see that from the following photos.

Weihnachtsfeier Bassam Lotti und Sylvie 2   Weihnachtsfeier Bassam 0 2

 Sylvie was here with us.

Weihnachtsfeier Bassam 2 2   Weihnachtsfeier Bassam 4 Feuerwerk 2

So should be the Christmas  – Loving, Feeling of togetherness, Peaceful.


Yes, that is exactly what I wish you – Love, Feeling of togetherness and Peace, from the deep of my heart. I send you my sincere, endless, heartfelt thanks for your help.

God bless you. Lotti Latrous.